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As a customer-oriented company we work non-stop to adapt the system to the activities and needs of the agents
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To be the leading software company for travel agencies and tour operators around the world that provides advanced solutions to the tourism industry through research and development.
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We invest a lot of resources in market research and understanding the industry needs in order to develop amazing capabilities, and by doing that we are able to provide advance travel system - Back office systems - for travel agencies and tour operators - outgoing, inbound, and local/DMC
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Peleg Software Applications develops software solutions for tour operators since 1983. After it acquired many years of experience it became specialized in giving innovative and advanced options to travel agencies - wholesales and retails.

During the recent years the company's business activity increased, and with that the existing departments .In additional, new teams were established, aim to continue developing high-level tourism services and provide support to our client contentment. Peleg has about 15 employees, most of whom have years of experience in the company.

The best interest of our clients is our top concern. This statement is a cornerstone that leads us in making decisions. We will constantly work to develop and market the best products in the tourism market.

Saving time – The systems we have developed significantly reduce working time, performing most of the cardtions of the agency. Saving time allows an employee to increase his activity.

Reduce Human Resource - our systems allow creating automatic process, which until now uses to perform by humans. The automatic processes allow reducing the amount of workforce or increasing business activity without the need to recruit new members of staff.

Reduce the costs – Saving time and reduce human resource allow eventually to reduce the company's expenses sharply, thereby increasing the company's profitability significantly.

We believe that the firm's marketing capabilities depend on its technological capabilities. Our software is a platform that allows agencies to produce new products to market. The agents manage to gain a competitive advantage that translates ultimately to increase revenue.

With the understanding that each agency has unique forms of work, we make sure to pre-build system that will be flexible enough to cope with changes and additions to the special needs of the client and the market.
It is important for us to hear from our clients what their needs in order to provide them with customized solutions.

Currently Peleg provides solutions for all types of tourism - Outbound tourism, domestic tourism, inbound tourism, conference management and online activities. Among our clients are: Issta, Flying Carpet, Eshet Tours, Aviation Links, Shahar-On, Caspi, Easy-Travel, Ophir Tours, Skideal, Mona Tours, Carmel, Kahana Group/Yonik, Spirit, Pingwin, and more.

Please contact us and we will be delighted to tell you more about us and about our products.
Updates can be obtained also through the Facebook page and Google+ company

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