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Online format for group quotation and itinerary

Online format for group quotation and itinerary

Despite the uncertainty regarding the outline for opening the entrance to tourists, we were not deterred from continuing to develop advanced capabilities for the incoming tourism field.

In the last two years we have invested a lot of resources in order to improve our solutions in the FIT/individuals and groups sectors and we also added many capabilities that will provide significant benefits to the travel agents and tour operators working with the Comingo system.

A new group development will allow the head of the group to receive the tour quote as a link to a web page (in addition to the PDF file) which will show the trip details, route and plan, included services, guides profile, and the costs according to the group's variable size, and more.

The tour operator will be able to add the markup of the agent for his members and thus allow him to pass the link as it is to the group members, and if necessary even hide some of the pricing columns.

The site is suitable for different screen sizes and supports several languages. We will also working for new section where the group members will be able to post questions about the tour which will be answered by the tour operator

Online quotation example (- Click for watch)