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Package automation

Package automation

Year 2022 is going to be a record year in the automated capabilities that our systems will provide to travel agents in the field of package creation and management.

These are several developments that have been combined into one long and automatic process -
First, the system import cost price files from hotel providers and updates them in its price tables. Then, operation department create markup individually or mass profiles for each departure, duration, hotels, room class and room occupancies.
When creating packages, the profiles are loaded into the pricing section and generate variable selling prices for the passengers. This is done once and from that moment on any change in the cost / net price will automatically update all the packages accordingly.
After updating the packages, the system will transmit the new data to the various distribution / sales systems.

These automated processes allow for significant savings in time and manpower, and respond very quickly to changes taking place in the tourism industry.

The assimilation of the process in a number of travel agencies has shown that the time freed up for the operation department has enabled the agencies to significantly increase their activities and expand their involvement in new areas and destinations with the same manpower.