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Online interfaces for hotels in Israel

Online interfaces for hotels in Israel

In recent years, Israel's tourism industry underwent significant changes in working with hotels.
If, in the past, agencies would accept agreements and price lists and manually filled them into their back office systems, today's hotels require them to work with completely different tools.

Although the domestic tourism system - Atlantis, and the incoming tourism system - Camingo, are wholesale systems that manage inventory and price levels at a very complex level, we have developed new capabilities that allow travel agents to get information from hotels directly within their Back Office system.
In fact, the development will allow travel agents to search hotels online and get rates and room availability, according to their agreements with suppliers, and place reservations.
For this purpose, we have connected the systems to the three largest interfaces in the country - GOC, Isrotel, and Mini Hotels, which provide the systems to the hotels themselves. By connecting them we are able to show the vast majority of hotels in Israel for local customers and tourists abroad

The significant advantage is the integration of Peleg's back office systems which contain many capabilities and performance on the operative and financial side, together with online interfaces that have so far been made through a third party.

The interface is also connected to our customers' B2B and B2C websites, so that when user searching for hotel on the site, the data is appealed to back Office, if agreements/rates have been entered there, as well as online for the hotels. When an order is placed the website send it to both - the hotel provider and the agency's Back Office software.
The interface can be transferred to a third party, such as client / agency abroad in order to enable them to embed the interface in its systems

We will soon be developing a model that will allow us to sample room rates online and compare them with the net prices on existing orders, in order to increase the profitability of the reservation