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Cruise Cabin Management

Create individual or several cruises and manage their cabins commitment / allotment

Cruise Cabin Managemen

The Odyssea cruise model is divided into 3 different management levels:
Management of the entire ship - for cases in which the agency leases or owns the concession to manage and sell all the seats of the ship
In these cases there are models that allow drawing the schematics of the decks and rooms right down to the numbers of the cabins
Management of room assignments - taking a commitment on rooms according to different levels / types and managing allocations, room numbers, price lists etc., and selling them as a single product or as part of the cruise package which includes additional products (flights, hotels, tours, transfers)
Retail cruise - purchase record of orders made from suppliers and their continued management in the Odyssea system, including financial management (collection from customers and payment to suppliers), room reservation, producing reports, etc.

    Main Features
  • Set up and manage the ship / cruise system
  • Drawing of the structure of the decks and the location of the cabins / rooms
  • Manage commitments for the various types of rooms available in each cruise
  • Management of various room occupancy options in accordance to various room types
  • Manage room commitments by number of cabins - numbered rooms
  • Assigning passengers to rooms, including assigning numbered rooms
  • Producing vouchers to the cruise suppliers
  • Producing cruise vouchers for customers
  • Creation and management of cruise packages that include a variety of products - flights, tours, a number of hotels, transfers, and more
  • Locating and ordering individual sailing products, including checking the availability of rooms and pricing
  • Exporting the cruise data to external systems
  • Exporting the cruise data to websites
  • Managing price lists at a complex level, including prices by periods, early registration, special additions, and more
  • Reports for rooms allocation
  • Production of financial statements
  • Financial accounting with cruise suppliers
  • Automatic management of cancellation fees