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Custom Tour Operator Products

Check out our advance back office system

Peleg has developed a dedicated software for managing booking for guest with different eligibility according to basic rules known in advance. The system allows you to configure a variety of settings designed to affect pricing by category. for example: basic price deductible for each hotel, automatic pricing by mid-week or weekend, supplement for Friday dinner, setting a schedule for entrances and departures to the hotel.

At the same time the system is capable to upload file of details about the guests and their eligibility, thus an automatic synchronization is created during booking process.

In addition, the system is able to manage allocations and commitments in hotels, different pricelist per eligibility group, hotels setting, All this (and more) without damaging its dynamics. The system is designed to improve the control over the booking process.

As for today, Peleg developed number of custom operator systems, according the client needs. Between them you can find Policea - which specializes in Israel police vacations. The system includes police profiles, eligibility management, Vacation cycles, vacation seasons, allotment, price lists, documents and etc. Possibility for online booking is also available so as managing reservations in the back office system.

The system provides the following services:
  • Uploading and updating guests data base
  • Setting basic price deductible per hotel
  • Managing pricelists per category
  • Split exhibit screen for the price per guest and the subsidy body
  • Setting additions for adults and children
  • Vacation cycle setting - a schedule for entrances and departures by year, destination and hotel (for online booking and local differently)
  • Setting minimum and maximum nights for mid-week and weekends
  • Online booking for each guest with personal user name and password
  • Voucher report
  • Export data to the internet