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Outgoing Travel Operator System

Odyssea - Wholesale and retail system for outgoing tourism

A complete operational and financial system for agencies operating in outbound tourism. The system is also suitable for wholesale travel agencies that manage prices and inventory for their services, including the ability to distribute the services, and also for retailers who purchase their services from various suppliers manually or via interfaces.

Local Reservation System

Atlantis - Domestic tourism and conferences (singles and groups)

A dedicated system for individuals and groups (including events and conferences management) for domestic tourism. The system include interfaces with online hotels and at the same time places emphasis on controlling commitments and allocations of land arrangement services and managing prices rates at a simple to complex level.

Incoming Tour Operator System

Comingo - DMC & Incoming tour operator system

The system aim for individuals and groups processes in the inbound tourism field. Comingo enables to management and produce dynamic, fast and friendly quotes for groups, and to convert them into a real reservations, and at the same time managing reservations for individuals through online interfaces to hotels and B2B / B2C websites.

Conference Management

Congressor - a multi-state conference management system

The system was developed for the conferences management at various scales, and provides solutions for individuals and groups operating. The system also includes a full subsidy capability that allows to split the payments between several subsidies. In addition, the Congressor allows for working with several companies (different VAT number) simultaneous, with an emphasis on the unique form of VAT management.

Land arrangement and seminars operation system

OFEK - operating seminars for non-profit organizations

The most advanced system in the industry for managing and operating associations / NGO. The system includes advanced models for managing seminars and courses for association member from various organizations / institutions, with emphasis on the tourism issue as well. The system provides dedicated solutions in importing members' details, billing employers , managing subsidies, and more.

Custom Products

Custom Products - according to the customer needs

Peleg develops dedicated systems, customized, according to customer needs. An example of these systems is the Polica and Tropicana system - dedicated systems for managing the vacation tenders of police officers / soldiers on the basis of eligibility, sales cycles, subsidies, and more. The systems are dynamic and adapted to the various public tenders