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Reserve and assign guides for organize tours

Reserve and assign guides for organize tours

We have always provided advanced solutions to travel agencies operating in the field of organized tours.

With the growth of the industry and the expansion of this activity, we have developed dedicated and advanced modules for the operations, reservations and finance departments, which are designed to streamline the agency's operations - new capabilities in making tours, advanced data transfer to distribution systems, dedicated management and control screens for organized tours, profitability reports, and more.

As part of the deepening of the system's capabilities in this field, we have recently developed a new module that will enable the operation staff to fully manage the activity of arranging the guides for the various tours, while fully controlling and preventing duplicate and / or overlapping entries on dates.

Using the module, the operator can obtain a complete picture of all the tours, assign guides to relevant departure, produce various reports, and even present the information to the various reservations and distribution channels.
In order to facilitate the process, a dedicated website was also developed which allows the guides themselves to view all the tours in the destinations in which they operate and apply for placement per each departure. Each request is automatically updated in the agency guides module.

After the final placement, the guide will be able to view the full details of the tour and see the details of the meeting, the list of passengers (including printing option), the list of attached documents, and later load the various expenses of the tour.
Since the technological orientation of the guides in the internet system varies among each one, much emphasis has been placed on the simplicity and convenience of using the site.

Most of the agencies that work with us today have shown great interest in this issue and have realized the great savings of using this module. Some have even announced that it will be in use soon.