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Update the number of participants online

Update the number of participants online

Group bookings include many services adapted to the requirements of the group. In practice, not all members of the group participate in all the attractions, and as a result the tour guide has to sign the supplier, on a voucher, the actual number of participants.
At the end of the trip, the guide bring the signed vouchers to the agency, where the operators are forced to update services by service with the real numbers of attendees that they were, and to recalculate the costs.

A newly developed system will allow the tour guide to connect to a dedicated website. There he will be presented with a list of all services, with the option to update the number of participants.
Using a confidential code provided by the vendor from the site to email or mobile, the guide will be able to enter the actual quantity, and the system will update online the number of service participants relevant to the reservation in the back-office system, while it fully documenting the change.
Thus the system skip the need for update each and every reservation retrospect, and save lots of operation department time.