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Assigning tourists / passengers for buses

Assigning tourists / passengers for buses

Travel management and operation is a complex issue in the tourism industry. It requires tracking of passengers from a large number of different bookings as well as flexibility in assigning them correctly for the various travel components.

A new development will allow the travel operators to see in one central booking, where he/she manage all the tour services and cost, list of all the tourist / passengers which connect to the same tour and easily assign them to the right bus, including assigning guides to each bus.

In order to allow proper assigning the system displays, for each tourist, the pick-up points, their travel language, and the hotel in which they are staying, thus allowing the operator to appropriately assign each passenger on the bus relevant to him.

A tour in the system can also be a continuous tour that includes several days, in which the amount of tourists in each daily tour is different, and therefore the system allows the assign each passenger more than once to the bus each day.

At the end of the process, the system will allow you to generate a passengers assigning report by bus and send it to the relevant suppliers, In addition you can produce profitable reports for each tour.

Since the work process is very dynamic, a great emphasis was placed on the comfort of work and the flexibility to make changes for passengers.

Assigning tourists for buses