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Serial quotation for groups with multiple departures dates

Serial quotation for groups with multiple departures dates

We recently published that we have developed a dedicated model that allows the production of dynamic quotes, based on a variable amount of participants. The model is based on entering the cost prices of each service (manual or drawn from a price list) and setting a markup.

A new development will allow you to manually or automatically connect several price quotes in order to generate a single quote that includes a number of different departure dates bound by periods. For example: High season / Low season or Winter / Summer / Spring, and etc.
The quote includes the various dates related to the series which are organized by periods, the number of various participants, and the price per passenger for each size of group. At the end of the offer is a list of the services included in the offer, including photos, location, and more.
The system allows to make any offer selected to an actual reservation with the abilities to send messages and suppliers vouchers. In addition the system allow to collect down payments and payments from customers.